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ZHONGWEN flashcards and quiz game application screenshots

                 "ZHONGWEN" is a web application developed by FJ4U Consulting LLC to help students  learn Chinese as heritage language. The reference textbooks are described  here .  The application mainly consists of several sets of flashcards and quiz games, covering  materials from the textbooks and other classical sources as well. Login users will be  able to access personalized flashcards features ( e.g. putting cards into "Red" or  "Green" decks) and to submit game scores. Ivy Chinese Academy user can  login with the same credentials as for the school website. Earning ZHONGWEN points Logged in users have the opportunity to earn ZHONGWEN points as a way to show your interests and devotion to learning Chinese. For flashcards, each click on "Red" or "Green" button earns you one point. For Quiz game, each correct answer will earn you at least 5 points if not stated otherwise in the game when you submit your score.


从下学期(Fall 2018)开始, 学校将为每个学生建立网上档案,跟踪记录学生学习中文情况。档案将以帖子和上载的文件的形式存在于我们的系统中。 学生的个人档案只对学生自己,家长, 老师和学校管理人员公开。学校管理人员,老师,学生家长和学生都将有有一个登录我们系统的账号。 学校管理人员,老师和学生家长可以就学生的中文学习的有关活动,进展情况发帖子和上载文件, 以及对帖子进行评论。学生自己也可参与评论。 目前,系统功能性模块已开发完毕。学校管理人员正在测试改进中。相信这个学生网上档案管理系统将为学校管理人员,老师和家长对学生学习情况的掌握起到十分积极的作用。 网上学生档案的主界面如下图: 登录系统: 登录后从右上角Account下拉菜单-> students -> 档案系统

A student's view about why he wants to learn Chinese