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山  居 秋  暝     英译

( shān jū qiū mínɡ          山   居 秋  暝                   王   维   kōnɡ shān xīn yǔ hòu , tiān qì wǎn lái qiū  空   山   新  雨 后  , 天   气 晚  来  秋  。  mínɡ yuè sōnɡ jiān zhào , qīnɡ quán shí shànɡ liú   明   月  松   间   照   , 清   泉   石  上    流  。 zhú xuān ɡuī huàn nǚ , lián dònɡ xià yú zhōu   竹  喧   归  浣   女 , 莲   动   下  渔 舟   。  suí yì chūn fānɡ xiē , wánɡ sūn zì kě liú   随  意 春   芳   歇  , 王   孙  自 可 留  。  English Version:  Autumn Evening in My Mountain Abode Blank hills look pure as a recent rain refines, As dusk is falling autumn is felt in the bones. A silvery moon is shining through the pines, The limpid brooks are gurgling o'er the stones. Bamboos laugh out as girls from washing whirl, The lotus stirs where boats out fishing curl. The scents of spring may go; that's Nature's will. This season here attracts the noble still. 中文解析:  空旷的群山沐浴了一场。 新雨,夜晚降临使人感到已是初秋。 皎皎明月从松隙间洒下清光, 清清泉水在山石上淙淙淌流。 竹林喧响知是洗衣姑娘归来,


己所不欲,勿施于人: “Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire,” a quote from Confucius. 成大事者,不与众谋: A saying from Zhan Guo Ce, also known as Strategies of the Warring States, that translates as: “Those who can make big changes don ’t go with the usual way common people take.” 吃不到葡萄说葡萄酸: A Chinese saying adapted from Aesop’s fables, it translates as: “Don’t say it’s sour grapes only because you don’t get to taste it.” 愚公移山: The saying means “the foolish old man removed mountains.” It’s originated from an ancient story where a man persisted in digging and removing a mountain he found inconvenient. 站着说话不腰疼: This roughly translates to “easier said than done.” 好狗不挡道: The saying translates as “a good dog wouldn’t get in the way.”

About CCAA

回顾历史、展望未来、着眼现在! Introduction Cabarrus Chinese American Association (CCAA) is a non-profit 501c(3) organization that was founded by Dr. Mike Wang in 2011,then  a research scientist at NCRC and serves as the first board chair. CCAA operates a Chinese language school program, and organizes or participates in various educational,cultural and charitable activities, through which to advocate the preservation of Chinese cultural heritage , and to promote diversity and intercultural understanding and cooperation. CCAA is governed by a Board of Directors and operated according to the Non-Profit Bylaws of CCAA. Current serving Board members from Sep. 1 2016 to Aug. 31 2018 are as follows: Full Name Title Profession Xinguo (Mike) Wang Chair Business Owner Yaoen Zhang Vice Chair IT Yu Sun Secretary IT Maggie Li Pesident Real estate agent Faith Zhang Vice President Insurance Jin Hou Treasurer The major events of CCAA  and past board members list can be