ZHONGWEN flashcards and quiz game application screenshots

                "ZHONGWEN" is a web application developed by FJ4U Consulting LLC to help students learn Chinese as heritage language. The reference textbooks are described hereThe application mainly consists of several sets of flashcards and quiz games, covering materials from the textbooks and other classical sources as well. Login users will be able to access personalized flashcards features ( e.g. putting cards into "Red" or "Green" decks) and to submit game scores.

Ivy Chinese Academy user can  login with the same credentials as for the school website.

Earning ZHONGWEN points

Logged in users have the opportunity to earn ZHONGWEN points as a way to show your interests and devotion to learning Chinese. For flashcards, each click on "Red" or "Green" button earns you one point. For Quiz game, each correct answer will earn you at least 5 points if not stated otherwise in the game when you submit your score. More interestingly, you can reward other users with the points you earned. So parents, come online to earn points and reward your kids!

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Zhongwen flashcard study (20s youtube video)
Sanzijing flashcard study (1:25s youtube video)



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