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          Ivy Chinese Academy is located in north Charlotte and was founded in 2011. It was formerly known as the Cabarrus County Chinese Language and Art School. Upholding the principle of  promoting inter-cultural understanding and serving the needs of learning Chinese as a heritage language among local Chinese communities, It has developed the  Chinese language teaching program and established a teaching philosophy of  focusing on cultivating students' ability to speak fluent Mandarin  as the top priority, followed by  the comprehensive development of the ability to “listen,” “read,” and “write” in Chinese. We strive to build up a new effective teaching style of overseas Chinese language education to all.

        Our school sets class in small size, with a maximum of 20 students in each class and a teaching assistant will be added in a class with 15 students or more. During class time, a Chinese-spoken Parent Teacher Assistant (PTA) is responsible for checking and grading student assignments and assisting the homeroom teacher in carrying out various teaching tasks. Students are placed in an appropriate class of one of the three levels: the entry level, the basic level and the advanced level. We will create a personalized online profile for each student to record student’s performance, growth and teacher’s evaluations. The profile will enable teacher-parent interactions so that parents can monitor and stay informed of  students’ Chinese learning experience.

      All students are welcome whether you have any prior knowledge or not. If your child knows little to none Chinese, we can gradually help him or her to use Mandarin Chinese for simple every day conversations. Through games, dialogues and other ways to cultivate students' interest and sense of language.  If your child already has a certain Chinese foundation and can understand 80% of the teacher's Chinese in class, our teachers will focus on teaching them to speak with correct grammar and in cultural sense. For higher-level students, who can read some Chinese books independently and write some complete sentences to express ideas, our teaching will focus more on improving their oral expression skills, increasing their vocabulary, strengthening their listening comprehension and enhancing their writing skills. Regardless of your child's current level of Chinese language, Ivy Chinese Academy is striving to instill in your kids the ability to use Chinese Mandarin proficiently in everyday conversations, to do a short introduction on a subject, to repeat a story heard before, to describe past experiences, to do a persuasive speech, and even to debate in Chinese. In short, our goal is for all students to communicate with native Chinese speakers without any trouble!

       We use "Chinese" written by Jinan University as text book. 50% of the time to study the contents of Jinan's "Chinese" teaching materials, 50% of the time spoken language interactive teaching: read aloud, make sentences, situational dialogues, tell stories, introduce small knowledge, speeches, debates and so on. Teachers and teaching assistants will design a practical spoken language teaching program that will be implemented in the classroom by parents teacher assistant.

 We are now admitting students at the age between 5 to 16 years old 


$20, includes 2 practice books

Tuition: $140/student/semester Early Birds Discount Register online before Aug 10, takes $10 off, siblings will take additional $10 off.   Click the link to register Right Now! http://ivychinese.org/register_student  Register now, pay later!


1-3 PM Saturdays


Cox Mill High School 1355
Cox Mill Rd, Concord, NC 28027


Ms. Maggie Li

Phone: 980-318-9343
WeChat ID: maggie28269
Web: www.IvyChinese.org 
Email: IvyChineseAcademy@gmail.com


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